A screen hung desk top system that is a quick and economical solution to workspace privacy and acoustics
Available with 2 back to back desks, or multiple attached back to back desks with no limit to how many are in a continuous line. It’s a flexible system that’s easily reconfigured to add more desks, or remove some desks later

The standard screen dividers are 1250mm high. The top panels are Grey or Blue pin-able fabric (above desk level), with a hard wearing dark Charcoal melamine bottom panel (below desk level)

Standard 1650mm high screen dividers are also available

The standard desk tops are available in 2 colours, Natural White or Golden Beech
Click here to see a colour sample
Desk tops are fitted with matching 2mm thick high impact ABS edging and 2 plastic cable entry ports per desk top

Standard desk top sizes:
Each desk top – 1200mm wide x 700mm deep
Each desk top – 1500mm wide x 700mm deep
Each desk top – 1800mm wide x 700mm deep

Prices include delivery and assembly – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth metro areas

2 back to back desks (overall sizes):
1260mm wide x 1430mm deep – $1,147.00 + GST
1560mm wide x 1430mm deep – $1,198.00 + GST
1860mm wide x 1430mm deep – $1,262.00 + GST

4 back to back desks:
2490mm wide x 1430mm deep – $1,933.00 + GST
3090mm wide x 1430mm deep – $2,035.00 + GST
3690mm wide x 1430mm deep – $2,162.00 + GST

6 back to back desks:
3720mm wide x 1430mm deep – $2,718.00 + GST
4620mm wide x 1430mm deep – $2,871.00 + GST
5520mm wide x 1430mm deep – $3,062.00 + GST

8 back to back desks:
4950mm wide x 1430mm deep – $3,499.00 + GST
6150mm wide x 1430mm deep – $3,699.00 + GST
7350mm wide x 1430mm deep – $3,962.00 + GST

There are no restrictions to how many attached inline desks you can have – 10, 12, 14 etc

Electrical soft wiring and data kits are available. Please contact us for more information

Custom made desktops are available (from the Laminex & Formica commercial colour ranges)
Click here to view the full Laminex Commercial Colour range
Click here to view the full Formica Commercial Colour range

Warranty: 5 years
Availability: 1-2 weeks
Prices do not include GST
Discounts are available for larger quantities, please contact us for more details