The EN1729 European Standard is the latest and best thinking by educators and professional ergonomists throughout the world. Based on over 10 years of collection of anthropometric data – i.e. measures the changing sizes of school students. EN1729 for the first time combines both physical measurements with ergonomic recommendations. For instance, it is the only standard which insists on lumbar support being designed into the chair, at a given position.

5 Sizes are available:
T2 – Seat Height 310mm
T3 – Seat Height 350mm
T4 – Seat Height 380mm
T5 – Seat Height 430mm
T6 – Seat Height 460mm

Available in various colours

Designed and manufactured to comply with the new EN1729 European Standard Part 1 and 2 for School Furniture
Designed to encourage good posture
100% recyclable – designed with sustainability in mind
Convenient carry handle at the top of the chair backrest, makes it easy to carry and stack
Superior strength, one-piece construction

Warranty: 5 years
Weight rating: from 110kg
Availability: 1-2 weeks
Price – from $49.00 each + GST
Discounts are available for larger quantities, please contact us for more details