Project Description

A modern and sleek office helps show that a business is serious and cutting edge. This project, which took over six weeks, is an excellent example of how Ikcon can combine style and utility into a fantastic workspace. With a value of $199,000, the changes were completed allowing for a more pleasant working environment for staff while also upping storage and giving the office the look of a futuristic movie. Making the power supply more accessible enables these desks to feel like they’re captain’s seats, more than the spots for modern workers in Australia. Every employee deserves an work space they can be excited to work in; this office would make anyone proud.

To finish this project in six weeks, there was a lot of work on Ikcon’s menu. Cable management is key to keeping systems running well for longer. Ikcon installed extensive soft wiring with desk-top power rails so that there’s power and data readily available. One hundred forty ergonomic turn monitor arms were also installed, along with 52 Modena workstations. This gives the entire company flexibility to figure out how they want to work. Slightly uncomfortable people might get by, but comfortable people turn out better work.