Project Description

This relatively inexpensive project is necessary to ensure a company can run without issue and is also aesthetically pleasing. Over four weeks, Ikcon worked on everything from cable management to supplying endless numbers of the most comfortable office chairs available. Working to a tight budget of $81,000, this project worked hard to bring comfort and reliability to a call centre that needed it more than anything else. Office space is supposed to inspire and give employees drive, and the colour choices like the bright green freshen up the office.

Every part of this project was needed and utilitarian to help employees focus on the task at hand. A new call centre space was created within the main room. This area is large enough to allow multiple people to talk loudly without disrupting each other. Loose furnishings, 65 Roma high back ergonomic chairs, and 65 custom-built and designed workstations give this office a look unlike any other. By supplying and installing extensive soft wiring cable management, Ikcon ensures that this office is up and running and will be working well for many years to come. Of course, the five management offices got some of the best furniture as well, just to complete the project nicely.