Project Description

Green is a fantastic colour for any area that needs a better sense of purpose and balance. This office required both, and so Ikcon came in to help save it. From workstations to dividers to keep work private, this $82,000 project was completed in just five weeks. Not only is there now more storage, but the lighting is also better on the employee’s focus: like a spotlight on what work is needed. In the end, this office is an excellent symbol for the work that lies ahead. Don’t let the low price fool you: the before and after of this project is incredibly inspiring.

When recreating this office space, there was one main goal: make enough space to hire new employees so that the company can expand further. To ensure that employees don’t feel caged, bright colours and comfortable seating can make a world of difference. Forty-eight Modena workstations were added to make it feel more like a shared office. Cubicles still exist; of course, employees need their privacy and ability to focus: but there’s a more shared and open space now. This will allow employees to collaborate and work together easily – if something odd comes up. Mobile drawer units by Alessi make the space livable; this is an office anyone would want to work in.