Project Description

Designer: Ikcon Pty Ltd
Builder: Ikcon Pty Ltd
Project Value: $711,000
Duration: 6 weeks

480sq/m Brisbane office fit-out for a global pharmaceutical company
96sq/m – 62 seat multi-purpose training facility with ramped wheel chair access
Extensive alterations to the existing air conditioning system to accommodate the new large training room
Extensive alterations to the existing fire services
Extensive new plumbing and hydraulics
Marble tiled reception area floor
Custom joinery and commercial kitchen
Custom office furniture

Crisp, clean lines, beautiful marble flooring, and intensive interior work make this Brisbane global pharmaceutical project shine while keeping up with the professional and medical look. This six-week-long project valued at $711,000 recreated this workspace into somewhere that anyone would be proud to call their job.

Ikcon made multiple changes to make the building more accessible all while keeping it comfortable for the people who work within this company. Modifications were completed in every room, from the reception area to the kitchen, creating a unique space.

This 480 sq/m office was updated and personalised to suit the global pharmaceutical company that owns it. This update includes adding in a 62 seat multi-purpose training facility that has ramped access. Because of this addition, alterations were made to the current air conditioning system, which was extensive but allowed the same unit to be used.

Ikcon gave the reception floor high quality marble for a sleek look, and a custom commercial kitchen with custom joinery was also added. Extensive new plumbing and hydraulics were installed, and the building was approved, and occupancy certified to ensure everything followed the required needs, including extensive alterations to the fire services that were existing. fOn top of everything, Ikcon added custom office furniture to create a comfortable and beautiful workspace.