Project Description

A library is an escape away from the world for anybody who needs it. Unfortunately, a school library usually doesn’t catch the eye of students. Ikcon worked with the Saint Margaret’s Library to create a space to help kids get excited about learning again. This project took six weeks and is valued at $94,000. Every cent was worth it and created more storage which is invaluable. This allows the school to carry more books and have more opportunities to read and get introduced to new ideas and art. The rooms were updated from ceiling to floor.

Starting with updated floor coverings and replacing all of the lightings, this project was made to prove how updating a space and adding storage can make a huge impact. All internal walls and ceilings were painted a crisp white with clean lines. Softer and more comfortable furniture was provided to inspire students to read and learn more, and Ikcon reimagined a layout to help students go from book to book. Although this project took six weeks, every moment was spent ensuring these books would be read and cherished. The colour choices were chosen to open kids’ minds to imagination, and the layout and additional titles give them the chance to view reading as a hobby and not just a chore.