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Buy High-Quality Reception Desks in Brisbane

Are you shopping for reception desks in Brisbane, but aren’t sure how to choose one that’s a good match for your Brisbane office? Then you’ve come to the right place, because here at Ikcon Office Fitout and Furniture we offer some of the best reception desks and reception counters available in Australia.
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High-Quality Reception Desks in Brisbane

Take a look around and you’ll notice a range of styles and affordable prices too. If you need help choosing the right reception desk, or prefer to have one custom made for you, then pick up the phone and get in touch with our customer service team. On this page, you’ll find buying advice that will point you in the right direction. You’ll find all the info you need to choose the receptionist desk that is on budget, offers practical features and has a visual style that matches the environment.

Contact for Custom Reception Counter or Furniture

Do you want to speak with our customer service staff to help choose a reception desk for your Brisbane workplace? Then call us on (07) 3821 1662 for information that will help you select the reception furniture with the correct features and within your price range. We have the expertise and experience to offer meaningful and unbiased advice.

Also, use if you prefer to send your questions using an email. It’s handy if you don’t need an urgent response and have several questions that you want answering in detail. Please be patient, we always respond as soon as possible, but sometimes there are slight delays during busy periods.

Top Quality Reception Desk in Brisbane

5 steps to buying the right Reception Desk

Step 1: Choose the right style

Your reception desk is the first point of contact with your office for many potential clients and visitors. It needs to have a good visual style so that the first impression is great. Look through our standard ‘off the shelf’ options we have available and keep in mind what your customers would think. Fortunately, you’ll find high quality and on trend reception desks in our range that look stunning. But don’t forget, we also offer custom made ‘one off’ reception desks that can be made to your exact specifications, using any materials that are available – timber, laminate, stone, glass, stainless steel, or any combination of these.

Also, consider the interior décor of your office space. The reception desk should match your brand, or overall theme that you are going for. Therefore, it shouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb in an ugly fashion. You also don’t want the reception desk to blend in too much, since you want people walking into your building to identify where they have to go quickly.

Step 2: Functionality

Reception desks should also be functional so that the receptionist can carry out their duties. Therefore, enough compartments for storage should be available, and sufficient desk space to work and store essential items. This might be a receptionist phone and the documents that are required to process people coming into your office.

Here at Ikcon our Brisbane receptionist desk options we provide are built with functionality in mind. Take a look at the photos and examples and you’ll notice lots of handy features. We believe in offering office furniture that is practical and will improve the overall productivity of your office.

Step 3: Choose the right reception counter size

Picking out the right dimensions is another important consideration that’s easy to ignore when you spot a desk that looks stunning. If you have a large office, then choosing a big reception desk is a good choice to fill up the space and avoid it looking empty. However, if your Brisbane office is small, then you may want to pick a smaller more compact reception desk that leaves enough room for other furniture such as a reception chair, or sofa and table.

Top Quality Reception Desk in Brisbane IKCON

Are you having trouble selecting the best size? Then take the time to give us a call for help with picking out a size that the best match for your office. You can tell us about your office and reception desk requirements so we can give better advice.  

Step 4: Pick the right shape

Reception desks come in different shapes that offer an interesting look and the best functionality for your office. For example, a circular reception desk allows the receptionist to provide help from each side, while being close to each other for collaboration. Check out the reception desk shapes on our website page for ideas.

Step 5: Stay within budget

Custom-made reception desks are typically more expensive than our standard off the shelf options, but you can still get a great deal. Look at the options within your budget and choose the ones that have the best features for your requirements. Getting a good deal means you need to find the right website.
Here at Ikcon you’ll find the best prices in Brisbane and we don’t cut corners on the office furniture quality. You’ll also notice a range of discounts and promotions that add even more value to the purchase.

Frequent Questions Customers Ask

Question: Can I buy custom-made reception desks in Brisbane?

Answer: We can supply a custom made desks based on your specifications. Give us an initial idea on the shape, size and material you prefer, and we’ll see what we can do for you. The types of materials we offer include laminate, solid surface materials, stone, glass, steel, acrylic and more. You can call us for a quote and suggestions for how we can help build the best receptionist desks for your Brisbane work place.

Question: Do you sell cheap or inexpensive reception desks?

Answer: You can buy an affordable reception desk in Brisbane at Ikcon that will impress anyone coming into your office space. Browse through our page and you’ll see competitive prices and great-looking office desks. We believe that even the affordable options should look amazing, and be as practical as possible.

Question: Can I buy a white reception desk from Ikcon?

Answer: White is a commonly chosen colour for reception desks and we have several models in our range. Take a look on the page for the design that’s the perfect match and size for your office space. White is a colour that goes with almost any interior décor design and it’s easy on the eyes.

Question: Can you help me buy a new reception desk for my Brisbane office?

Answer: Get in touch with our customer service team for insight into the perfect reception desks for your needs. We can also create a custom receptionist desk in Brisbane if the options in our range don’t match your requirements.
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