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Are you upgrading your office in Brisbane and need new office furniture? Here at Ikcon you’ll find a great selection of some the best commercial furniture at value for money prices. We offer everything from deluxe furniture ranges to the more affordable effective furniture ranges. You can also add acoustic solutions or the popular height-adjustable ‘sit to stand’ desks that can improve the productivity of your employees and  office space.

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The highlights of our website store is the attention to detail, durability and reliability. Our designs look stylish, which is a bonus if interior decor is top-of-mind. However, we understand that choosing the best office furniture and soft furnishings for your needs can be a tricky process. Continue reading and you’ll find details about how to choose the perfect furniture for your requirements.

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Are you struggling to decide on the best furniture pieces for your office? Then give us a call on (07) 3821 1662 to receive helpful advice. Through years of experience our customer service team have gained considerable knowledge. They are equipped to help on small and big decisions so that you’re happy with your purchase.

Use [email protected] to send us an email if you want to write your questions. We try to respond quickly, usually within an hour or so. Please be patient during busy periods, we will always get back to you as soon as possible.

5 Steps to Buying The Right Office Furniture At Ikcon

Step 1: Price

Start by considering the budget you have available to ensure you get everything you need. For example, it makes no sense to spend most of your money on office chairs if you also need office tables.

Browse through our store so that you have a rough idea of the prices. You’ll see a mix of ‘Off The Shelf’ office furniture and also high quality items at a higher price. Choose at the right price so you can make the most of your budget. We source product that is not only high quality, but also a price point that’s better than other stores.

Don’t forget, if we’re doing a full office fitout we will definitely giving you bulk discounts.

Step 2: Visual Aesthetics

When choosing an office design it’s important to consider the visual aesthetics if you want to impress your employees and customers. A professional setting reflects well on your brand and helps to set the right first impression when new potential clients are entering the office.

Here at Ikcon Office Fitout and Furniture we offer a wide selection of furniture styles, so you have plenty to choose from. You can choose a mixture of visual styles, or stick with a theme. However, it’s a good idea to have a clear goal of how your office will look before buying. Therefore, you can plan and avoid buying office furniture that might look out of place.

Step 3: Office Space

The huge variety of furniture choice on our store is exciting, but don’t get carried away and buy too much. Think about how much space you have available and note the product dimensions. Consider the space that your current furniture is taking up and the room you have left. Make sure there is enough space to walk around too. Feeling claustrophobic in an office space can hammer productivity and creative thinking. Nowadays, you’ll find many offices going for a minimalist approach where every office furniture piece has a purpose. Don’t forget, you can always buy additional furniture later, after you’ve settled in.

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Not sure what product dimensions you need? Then you can give us a call and we will help you choose the best furniture for your requirements. Our experienced call center professionals understand what modern offices require to be productive, organized and competitive.

Step 4: Read Product Description

Take a closer look at the product description to ensure the office furniture ticks all of your boxes. For example, if you’re buying office chairs Brisbane, then it’s a good idea to look for ergonomic features. These prevent injuries and general aches and pains that could cause employees to miss time from the office as they recover.

The product description will also have information about the warranty period that you’ll get when purchasing the home office furniture and commercial furniture. This information must be understood to appreciate the coverage that you’re getting for your new office furniture.

Step 5: Multi-Purpose

Buying multi-purpose office furniture helps you get the most out of each piece. You never know how the office requirements might change. Having furniture on-hand that you can adapt to fit the new role is advantageous compared to buying new furniture every time.

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For instance, when buying office desks Brisbane it’s handy if they can be used for working and casual meetings. Shifting them between office rooms as the needs change allows for the flexibility that modern furniture should provide. It’s not always possible, but there are portable options available. Keep it mind when buying new office furniture in Brisbane & Gold Coast.

Frequent Questions Customers Ask

Question: What office furniture types do you sell in Brisbane?

Answer: You’ll struggle to find a better all-round online shop than Ikcon in Brisbane when looking for high-quality furniture items. The categories you can buy from include custom made ranges, acoustic solutions, booth seating, desks, office drawers, executive desk Brisbane, and much more. Take a look around our website for yourself to see if we have the right office furniture solutions for your needs.

Question: Can you help me pick out the right furniture sizes and designs?

Answer: If you’re stuck when making the micro buying decisions, then we can help. We can offer our opinion and advise, or give you guidance on what choice makes the most sense for your office space. We solve office furniture problems daily so it’s our area of expertise. We can help you short cut your selections so you can get back to your regular work day.

Question: Do you offer office furniture sales and discounts?

Answer: We believe in delivering an excellent service with the best office furniture prices in Brisbane. Therefore, you can buy budget office furniture Cleveland than elsewhere. The discounted prices regularly rotate, so check back often to see what new deals we have in store for you.
Please let us know if your looking for larger quantities, and we will provide you with special pricing.