The importance of a good reception desk is often overlooked, which makes it an even more vital factor in how people see your business. When a person walks through the front door, whether they are a client, a potential customer or an employee, the reception is the first place they see.

The reception desk is the most fundamental part of any company’s reception area. It is where people should naturally see first and gravitate to; keep in mind that first impressions are often the most important.

What Does My Reception Desk Say About the Company?

From the moment an individual enters the building, they will begin to make assumptions and correlations based on what they see. While we like to say you should not judge a book by its cover, we are all guilty of doing so whether consciously or subconsciously.

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A good reception desk reflects well on a business, though the same can be said about the reverse and a poor desk may result in unforeseen consequences.

1. How Welcoming the Company Is

Whether it is fair or not, somebody entering the company for the first time will begin to make opinions on the warmth, hospitality and the openness of the company based on what they see in the reception area. A division reception desk will give the room a more professional feeling, whereas a counter desk may seem more inviting.

The desk is essential as it should draw the eye and undoubtedly be the place where a newcomer should go to make any necessary introductions or have any of their queries or problems answered.

A high-quality reception desk will be bright, welcoming and large enough that it cannot be mistaken for anything other than what it is. If someone enters and is unsure where they are meant to go, they may feel unwelcome and develop a negative opinion of the company.

2. Whether They Want to Work There

It is important to remember that some first-time visitors may be potential employees. If you are interviewing candidates for a position and the interview is happening in person, chances are the location will be at your office.

In the first few seconds of entering the reception area, people start weighing up the pros and cons of whether they want to work there. If a reception desk is dingy, scuffed and washed-out, somebody may decide that they do not want to walk past it every day for work. It may be a superficial factor but even the smallest details could sway a decision of employment.

3. If They Want to Work with You

Similarly to potential employees; potential partners, customers or investors may be swayed by the appearance of your reception desk. If your desk is old or damaged and has not been replaced, it may come across that you care less about your business.

Keep in mind that the decision to invest in a company largely depends on the individual’s faith in that company to succeed – if it seems that the business does not care about its appearance then assumptions may be drawn that they also do not care about the work they do.

4. How Well the Business Is Performing

A custom-made reception desk with a slick finish could stand out to people as a sign that a business is performing well financially. Similarly to how the clothes people wear impact our ideas about their wealth, a desk can show how much a company is able to spend on office furniture.

Even outside of potential investors, public perception of profits has an enormous impact on a company and its success. Competitors may adjust their strategies if they believe you to be making more profit than they previously believed. More people may also apply to work at your company if they think the company is performing well and a job there would be profitable.

5. How the Business Views Itself

The tone and atmosphere of a reception area give way to initial preconceptions of how the business sees itself. Furniture in a reception area, especially the desk, gives first-time visitors an insight into what sort of company it is and thus what sort of people work there.

A high reception desk which causes the receptionist to have to look down at you may come across as intimidating. One’s natural assumption may be that the business sees itself as above others in this example, which might not always be a bad thing if the building is the head office of a major conglomerate where public access is not encouraged.

In contrast, a low, small reception desk which does not immediately challenge a new-arrival’s entrance may cause that person to think that the company views itself as easy going and more casual.

It is easy to overlook what your reception desk may tell people, though people will naturally try to recognise patterns and come to conclusions based on what they see, so it is important that you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to public perceptions and first impressions.

Important Questions to Ask:

When thinking about the importance of reception desks, it is wise to consider the answers to the following questions.

Does a reception desk have an impact in the office?

Yes. A reception desk is the first thing people see when they enter the office and can impact employees’ morale and affect outsiders’ opinions of the business.

Are small reception desks useful in offices?

It depends on the type of company and how it wants to present itself. Smaller reception desks may come across as more welcoming but larger reception desks are more likely to draw the eye which is helpful if people regularly need to check in.

What is the recommended height for a reception desk?

The recommended working height for a reception desk is around 700mm to 760mm – when using a standard height desk chair. A reception desk should be low enough that a receptionist can comfortably work while seated, while also being high enough that visitors do not need to bend uncomfortably in order to sign any documents.

How to buy reception desks in Brisbane

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