An estimated seventy to ninety percent of Australians will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. Although there’s no way to avoid this altogether, there are steps you can take to put it off for as long as possible or alleviate the pain that you already suffer from in your daily life. One of the best ways to ease your pain is to seek out for ergonomic office chairs!

These are the top ways an ergonomic chair will improve your back pain and why it’s something you should seek out!

1. Better Hip and Pelvis Alignment

The placement of your hips and pelvis can make a huge difference in how the rest of your spine lays. In a good ergonomic chair, like the Thor Heavy Duty Task Chair, your lower back is supported so that your hips don’t roll back, ensuring that your pelvis sits directly beneath your rib cage instead of too far forward or back for your spinal health.

Ergonomic Chairs Improve Your Back Pain

Improper alignment of the hips and pelvis is one of the most common causes of low back pain. When you’re sitting correctly, they’ll be perfectly aligned, leaving your lower back with a light arch with the convex portion facing forward.

2. Stops Slouching and Forward Leaning

Slouching is a full-body experience, not something that’s only shown in your lower back. A slouch causes your neck and head to lean forward as well and increases the chances you’ll also rest on your elbows far more than you need to.

A good quality ergonomic chair will fight against these common tendencies and ensure that you won’t strain your neck or back in a slouch position. Although this position may be comfortable at the moment, over time, you’ll realize you’re slouching deeper and deeper and causing more damage to your spine. Sitting properly in an ergonomic chair will make it impossible to slouch.

3. Better Comfort For Long Seated Periods

The average Australian office worker sits for around 33 hours a week in the same chair. This is 33 hours that could be spent either ruining your back or improving your posture, depending on which piece of furniture you’re sitting on. 

A good ergonomic chair will be comfortable enough that you don’t mind spending your workweek sitting on it but won’t hold you back from getting up every hour or so to stretch or walk around and help build your back health even more.

More comfortable workers are more likely to excel at their jobs and work hard to complete taste on time. In addition, the better the ergonomic office chairs, the more likely the employee will turn in high-quality work that will help the company succeed in the long term.

4. Reduces Pressure on All Joints

All of our joints have unnecessary pressure on them, which in the long term will help with our posture and our back pain, along with the direct joints it helps. When we slouch, we tend to bend our knees a little more, which stresses our ankles as well, and we often rest heavily on our elbows either by leaning on them on the desk or the arms of our chairs.

A good ergonomic chair will help take care of this by allowing your posture to carry your body easier, which will take the pressure off of everything else. An example like the Bodyline Chair will enable you to sit correctly, knowing that every inch of your body is cradled comfortably by the tall back of the chair and cushioned armrests to ease the work off of your elbows and shoulders.

5. Adjustable for the Days When You Need Different Levels

Our bodies don’t have the same needs every single day. For example, on some days, we may need more back support; on others, we may need more support for our necks or better comfort for the height of our chairs: to ease a stiff knee.

Commercial Office Fitouts

The best ergonomic chairs offer comfort in all of these zones while ensuring that you can change them easily according to your body’s needs every single day. So, whether you’re at your base level or have a day when you need a little more: it’s not a good ergonomic chair if it can’t handle what you need.

6. Increased Blood Circulation

According to multiple studies on circulation, sitting improperly for just an hour can increase the risk of depression, heart disease, poor circulation and back pain. You must get up and move around at least every thirty to forty-five minutes so you can keep your body in great shape.

Thankfully, a good ergonomic chair will help with blood circulation as well. Those who sit poorly will notice circulation problems in their feet and legs, possibly leading to clots, visible skin issues, and dryness in some areas. This can be worse if this person has illnesses like diabetes, psoriasis, or heart disease affected by stationary poor posture. An ergonomic chair can help with all of these symptoms.

7. Trains Your Body to Sit Correctly

We can’t sit in an ergonomic chair all day for many reasons: which is why we need office chairs that can help train our bodies on what to do when we’re not seated. By making us hold our bodies in specific positions that are good for them, ergonomic chairs train our spines, shoulders, and hips to sit in a way that ensures that even when we’re up and walking around, we’ll be able to remember to keep good posture.

Over time, this habit will become something that we stick to even when we sit in chairs that aren’t ergonomic and will allow us to carry ourselves with comfort and grace even as we do things that would have hurt our backs if we were in a worse posture.

8. Ergonomic Chairs Offer A Chance to Escape Pain

When pain makes it hard to do your job, it can feel like there’s no way out from it. Thankfully, ergonomic chairs offer a solution that can change everything for you! So, consider looking for an office chair that will work for you, and you’ll feel a change in your back and posture in no time!