Are you creating a new set up for your Brisbane office and need help coming up with ideas? In this article you’ll find 6 of the best affordable office tryouts that could be a big difference to your productivity.

It’s a great idea to mix up the office space to give your workday a fresh dose of energy. Look to examples of good fitouts to get inspired and create something that’s productive. Your office space should also look great if you invite visitors and clients. Create a professional-looking workplace that clients and employees alike can respect.

Read on for 6 office furniture Brisbane tryouts that you can try today:

1. Minimalist

The first idea to try out is a minimalist approach that allows for open spaces. The idea here is to reduce the clutter and only have the essential furniture in the office. It’s a viable strategy for offices where most of the work is online without the need for lots of storage units. You can get away with really just a desk and chair.

Affordable Office Fitout

Reception Area

An added benefit of the minimalist approach is a lower price tag. It makes sense that you’ll save money if you need to buy less furniture. The minimalist approach can also boost productivity because it reduces clutter, which can be the cause of wasted time.

2. Joined workspaces

This approach is great if your office works better together rather than apart. Invest in a layout where employees can sit next to each other, yet have enough personal space to feel organized. The setup can boost productivity because employees can talk together about their work instead of constantly sending messages.

Effect Profile Leg 8 Way Corner Workstation

Effect Profile Leg 8 Way Corner Workstation

You can find joined desks that allow several employees to work around one piece of furniture. That will save you money since you don’t need to buy a separate desk for each employee. It’s also a space-saving measure that’s perfect if you have limited floor space.

3. Black and white

Consider buying furniture for your Brisbane office that’s only black and white. It’s a simple yet effective colour scheme for showing professionalism. We have plenty of black and white furniture so you can choose a style that’s a good match. Also, a lot of office furniture is naturally one of these two colors, which makes creating this setup easier. It’s also far easier to add more furniture in the future that may not exactly match your original pieces.

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4. Colourful office design

The contrast to the last suggestion would be to create a colourful office. Choose office furniture that offers bright colours that stand out. However, don’t go too crazy and choose random colours without giving thought to what you’re doing, or trying to achieve. You should pick colours that are part of an overall scheme.

The Best Office Fitouts in Brisbane

You could use colours that represent your brand. The colour scheme would help brand your company to clients that are visiting. Find a Brisbane office furniture store that offers good colour variety.

5. Casual and social

Workspaces are essential for employees to get the bulk of their work done. However, you should also consider adding places for employees to meet casually. It could be a few sofas or a round table with chairs, or a high table and stools.

Casual meetings spots allow employees to take short breaks from their work desk, which can actually increase productivity. Also, conversations in this meeting spot could lead to the best ideas that your staff come up with.

6. Change to adjustable height desks

You may have heard about the benefits of adjustable sit stand desks for productivity and health. Now is the time to invest in your own ones for your Brisbane office. Making the change could transform your office and staff, and most likely for the better. Adjustable desks allow employees to change between sitting and standing positions quicky, easily and regularly. That’s great for avoiding health problems that arise from sitting too much without moving. The science suggests that standing desks work, so you can try for yourself to see what the benefits are.


Q. Can you help me create a custom fitout for my Brisbane office?

A. Contact our customer service department so that you can get advice on how to create a fit out that meets your needs. Our experienced customer service representatives understand how to suggest the furniture that can make a big difference to your office.

Q. How do I choose a fitout?

A. Consider what features you need and pick a fitout that matches those requirements. For example, if you need a lot of storage space, then a minimalist fitout may not be the best option. There are many options available so that all office types can choose an appropriate option.

Q. How do I choose an affordable office fitout?

A. Coming in under budget can be tricky if you need a lot of furniture. Look for bulk pricing and packages that offers a combination of furniture for one discounted price. You can also wait until the furniture you need is in a sale period. Here are the tips to reduce office fitouts costs.

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