Are you looking for an office fitout service in Brisbane that you can trust to transform your office space? Then you’ve come to the right place because we provide some of the best fitout services in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

However, before you choose a fitout service it’s important to understand the common mistakes. The commonly made mistakes are simple, yet a lot of people make them and that can lead to a bad end result. Here are 7 common office fitout mistakes to avoid in 2021:

1. Don’t rush the planning stage

Rushing the planning phase may lead to mistakes that will be hard to overcome. For example, let’s say that you don’t estimate correctly the amount of furniture that you need, and purchase too much. It could be problematic to return the unused furniture if the return date has expired, or the original packaging has been discarded.

Plan every stage of the office fitout so that you can be sure you’re covering all the bases. It includes buying the right furniture and in the correct quantities. You can contact us if you need help planning your office fitout to avoid problems down the line.

2. Bad budget management

You must allocate an appropriate budget for each part of the process so you don’t run out of funds. For example, it would be very bad if you over-spent on ergonomic office chairs and had no money left for storage furniture.

Office Fitouts Budget

Looking for an office fitout service that’s affordable and offers competitive building and office furniture pricing helps reduce budget problems. At the start divide your budget appropriately between the various expenditures and stick to them.

3. Dysfunctional office layout

The office must have a logical layout that empowers employees to work at their best. For example, departments that work closely together should be in close proximity and not at opposite ends of a large office space. It minimizes the need for people to walk around and add to the chaos of a busy office.

Office Fitouts in Brisbane

Sufficient office storage units is another example of avoiding mistakes. Smaller units positioned closely to each workstation might be better than one centrally positioned larger storage area.

4. No space for collaboration

Offices are places where employees should have the freedom to communicate and exchange ideas. That’s difficult to do if the workstation has large acoustic walls or the spaces between employees are too big.

Consider investing in a workstation that accommodates 6-8 people so they can be in close proximity. Each team of employees can have their own workstation hub that allows them to communicate easily. Also, you could have smaller office meeting rooms or areas with tables and chairs dotted around the office, where members of different teams can communicate.

5. Don’t ignore your employees

It’s often a smart idea to ask your employees for their opinion on design ideas for the new office layout – after all, they will be working and using the various office features. Ask what they want and don’t want to see within the office. Look for patterns in the requests and try to accommodate as many as you can.

Empowering your employees to share ideas means they will feel appreciated, which in turn leads to better morale, and better staff retention. It’s a worthwhile strategy if you’re struggling for office ideas and need a few opinions to get the ball rolling.

6. Modern trends

Look for modern office trends that innovative companies are implementing. Upgrading an office means you need to give it a modern look instead of holding back. New clients should walk into your office and get the feeling of professionalism and modern straight away. Keeping an eye on modern trends is the best way to achieve that.The Best Office Fitouts in Brisbane

Not sure what the modern trends are? Then look at the renovations of other companies in Brisbane for a few ideas. You’ll spot a pattern of specific features or themes being used. However, don’t copy a design – instead use what you see for inspiration to come up with your own specific design.

7. Lack of nature

Research suggests that adding nature to an office space boosts productivity and overall well-being. It’s much needed in an office environment because humans have not evolved to sit in the office for long periods every week.

Adding elements of nature such as plant pots, small trees and other design features you can think of will be beneficial. It might take up room where an extra chair or table can go, but think about the overall positive impact on your office space.

Frequent Questions Customers Ask

Q. Can you help me avoid common office fitout mistakes?

A. Yes we can! Get in touch with our customer service team for help with completing your office fitout in Brisbane. We have successfully completed many office fitout projects – you can be the next one. We are an all-in-one, one stop service that’s able to add value to your office fitout process. We can also help to make decisions on your behalf based on many years of experience and market trends.

Q. Do you sell furniture for Brisbane office fitout?

A. You can buy a wide range of office furniture here at Ikcon to complete your office fitout. The types of furniture we provide include executive furniture ranges, acoustic solutions, height-adjustable desks, storage units, office desks and much more. We invite you to take a look through our furniture range for what type of furniture we can install in your office. Having trouble choosing the right furniture? We can also help pick out the most appropriate furniture for your requirements.

Q. How can I plan my office fitout in Brisbane?

A. The planning process should include all aspects of the office fitout such as the partitioning, office layout, joinery items décor and office furniture, interior décor considerations and how to make the most of the available space. Budgeting correctly is also important so you don’t run out of funds before you’re able to get the required items to complete the Brisbane office fitout.