Renovating an office can throw off the plans of even the most thorough business owner.  Regardless of whether you’re a newer business still trying to get your footing, or your company has been up and running for over twenty years: a renovation is a lot to take on. However, if you’re ready to go through this process and need some tips on approaching it: the following are the top things you need to know before you put your business through this process.

With some careful planning and a lot of teamwork: this can go smoothly.

Develop A Game Plan Early

The first thing you need to do is decide how much you want to be done and how quickly a turnaround you need.  Of course, you should be reasonable about this and not expect the world in a weekend, but you need to lay out clear plans, or the project may go on forever or never get completed.  

The most common reasons for renovations are that businesses notice that their employees are low morale, or they find that the office’s decor hasn’t transformed with the industry.  If this is the case with your company, you must take inventory of what you can do to update the space.

Noise-cancelling design, a design that takes distractions away, can improve a lot in an employee’s drive to do their best.  Other things to consider can be the comfort of the furniture, the appeal of their surroundings, and ensuring the aircon, heating, electrical, and plumbing are all offering what they need to.  All of these items will help gear up your business to the next level.

Budget Well And Stick To That Budget

If your company can’t afford a million-dollar reno: why attempt it?  Instead, shop around and get quotes and consider what your business may be able to afford. Then, if you’re still unsure, think about the renovation items that are most vital to your vision for your business.  Is it a new bathroom?  New cubicles?  Was this entire renovation brought on by how the lights flicker every time the aircon comes on?  Once you’ve figured out what matters most, you can structure your budget around that.

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If you find yourself making decisions that keep coming close to breaking your budget, rethink them and see if there’s another way to solve the problem.  Although we would all love unlimited cash to give our employees the best workspace possible: it’s not feasible for most companies.  For now, please do what you can to create a space that shows you have faith in them and see big things for both your employees and your business as a whole.

Alert Employees Early and Keep Them Informed

Speaking of employees, they must be filled in every step of the way.  Let them know ahead of time that you’re planning a commercial office renovation, and tell them how long you think it will take.

It’s good to have a plan for where and how they’ll work during the renovation before you tell them so that if they have any questions, you can answer them without leaving them hanging.  As much as this is about updating your business, it will also be disruptive to their daily life and habits, so it’s good to be transparent with as much information as you have.

Post Covid19, many businesses now have the planning and supplies available to allow their employees to work from home for a while during renovations.  Suppose this isn’t possible for your office. In that case, you can either work at partial capacity within another part of the business (although the construction will be a distraction), or you can rent offices from another company so that you can still work to some degree.  

If you don’t have a date yet for when the renovation will end: be honest about it!  Then put in the time to try and get this completed quickly.  The less time you keep the workplace in a mess, the less time you’ll have to spend worrying about losing productivity and making less money from it.

Pick A Company To Work With That You Can Trust

Every company renovation should have a professional fit-out company behind it.  This will keep an eye on the important things at hand, allow for you to focus on your own business, and possibly give you a better time frame than one you could try and invent on your own. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with trying to go DIY: but it will cost more and be harder to complete quickly.

Office Renovation Brisbane - Ikcon Office Fitout & Furniture

Seek out businesses that have either portfolios of similar companies they’ve worked on or businesses that have unique furniture and design taste that interests you.  

Along this line: ensure the quote suits your budget. Then, for the right company, you can stretch that budget; take the time to go over the numbers and ensure you’re not going to break the bank.  You deserve to work with a company that respects you and your business.

Stick To It

The most frustrating thing about a reno is that sometimes things don’t go perfectly.  Yours isn’t the first office renovation in Brisbane, and it won’t be the last.  If a problem comes up, whether it’s budget or issues with your employees, take the time to recognize the case, make a plan to solve it, and then move forward.  If you freeze up because the problem feels out of hand, you’ll be wasting company money and employee time.

If you’re flexible, follow-through, and are working off of a solid plan with a reliable company: every problem you encounter will go smoother and feel insignificant.  Although your business deserves a significant renovation and to succeed, it’s okay if issues arise.  You have to know how to deal with them.

Overall, your employees make your company what it is.  As long as you communicate clearly with them and do your best to keep things as low hassle as possible: everything will shape up perfectly.  Renovating your office is the best way to show you’re investing in their future with the company, so don’t be shy about showing you trust them.