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Flexible and Relaxed Interiors : By Teammates 

Now that so many employees have gotten used to working from home, they will seek the same comfort and flexibility when they return to the office. Tables, seating and accessories with ergonomic features that can be used in multiple ways can help bring a more relaxed, versatile vibe to an existing workspace. 

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Flexible and Relaxed Interiors

Add Unique Furniture : By SnackNation

There are so many options for swagged out couches, chairs, tables and the like these days. From animal print ottoman chairs to architectural chaise lounges, you will find some furniture that speaks to your brand, guaranteed. Online furniture sites like Wayfair and Houzz are great go-tos for unique pieces.

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 Get Creative With Your Layout : By Modsy

New layouts can unlock new ways of thinking, even in an old space! So, opt for a layout that will help get your creative juices flowing. For some, that’s creating a cozy, tucked away space. For others, it’s going for an executive-suite styled of office! If that’s your jam, consider floating your desk in the middle of the room. It will give you a new perspective on work and can help create energetic flow in the space.

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 Get Creative With Your Layout 

Noise-Absorbing Wall Panels, Clouds or Baffles : By iOffice

An agile working environment has two characteristics that make it especially prone to office noise.
The first is that it has fewer barriers like offices and cubicles walls. The second is that a lack of dedicated workstations means employees will travel through more of the office during the day. Because of this, you’ll need to take advantage of every opportunity to minimize office noise.

One way to accomplish this is adding noise-absorbing fixtures like wall panels, clouds or baffles. Baffles are suspended vertically from the ceiling and are ideal in work environments with high ceilings. Clouds hang horizontally from the ceiling and work best in workplaces with limited wall space. Acoustic wall panels are a good alternative to clouds and baffles for smaller workplaces and offices with lower ceilings. As an added bonus, you can use ceiling baffles, clouds and wall panels to distinguish one area from another in a more subtle and decorative way.

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Open Floor Plans : By Decorilla

Less walls is a beautiful sight to see in modern office design. Creating more views across multiple spaces encourages collaboration, allows for more accessible changes in the floor plan when necessary, and is cheaper to design because fewer dividing walls need to be constructed. Overall, it is a move to improve the health of employees. An open floor plan also makes it easy to get around, thus encouraging people to move more frequently.

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Lounge Areas Fit out

Create Lounge Areas : By Innovative Building Materials

Offices are about work and productivity, but more and more it’s being discovered that people can’t be productive if they don’t also get some down time as well. For this reason, it’s becoming more and more common for many offices to begin including lounge areas in their design. The lounge allows employees to socialize, work in comfort, and take breaks that get them away from their desk, but without having to leave the building. 

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 Add Privacy Zone : By RIGroup Workspace Design

These are either small, enclosed, sound-proof booths or isolated quiet areas that allow a person to make confidential phone calls. Privacy zones may be used to hold discreet meetings between two employees. Many private phone calls are totally unplanned and unscheduled so every office should have a private area readily available where an employee can quickly go when needed. 

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 Add Privacy Zone


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