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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The purpose of this policy is to clarify Ikcon Pty Ltd’s ethical standpoint on factors which affect our environment, nature, people, values, other organisations and our own business practices.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?
Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy outlines our efforts to give back to the world as it gives to us

Policy elements
We want to be a responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. Our company’s social responsibility falls under two categories: compliance and proactiveness. Compliance refers to our company’s commitment to legality and willingness to observe community values. Proactiveness is every initiative to promote human rights, help communities and protect our natural environment.

Our company will:

Respect the law
Honor its internal policies
Ensure that all its business operations are legitimate
Keep every partnership and collaboration open and transparent

Business ethics
We will always conduct business with integrity and respect to human rights. We will promote:

Safety and fair dealing
Respect toward our consumers, suppliers, colleagues and team members
Anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices
Ensure our suppliers share our values and ethics

Examples of Corporate Social Responsibility
Protecting the environment
Ikcon Pty Ltd recognises the importance of protecting the environment. We will promote recycling where possible and purchase sustainable products to use in our daily tasks.

We encourage all team members to be mindful of their daily practices eg printing and the reduction of the use of single use plastics.
Full details of our position can be found in our Environment Protection Policy on our website – www.ikcon.com.au

Protecting people
We will ensure that we:

Don’t risk the health and safety of our employees and community.
Avoid impacting negatively on the lives of local and indigenous people.
Support diversity and inclusion.
Use suppliers who share our rejection of all forms of modern slavery ie slave labour, child labour and forced labour
Use suppliers who share our passion for protecting children and all vulnerable people and communities
Request our suppliers assess their own supply chain to ensure they are not unknowingly supporting any of the above practices
Request evidence from our suppliers of their due diligence in this matter, where relevant.

Human rights
Ikcon Pty Ltd is dedicated to protecting human rights. We are a committed equal opportunity employer and will abide by all fair labour practices and universally acknowledged best practice as recommended by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Global Compact . We will ensure that our activities do not directly or indirectly violate human rights in any country (e.g. slave labour, child labour or forced labor). We expect that our suppliers will also treat workers, colleagues and all key stakeholders with dignity and respect.

Donations and aid
Our company preserves a budget to make monetary donations or donations in kind.

These donations will aim to:

Support charitable organisations such as Bravehearts, The Kids Cancer Council and the RSPCA
Alleviate those in need

Preserving the environment
Apart from legal obligations, our company will proactively protect the environment. Examples of relevant activities include:

Conserving energy
Using environmentally-friendly technologies

Supporting the community
Ikcon Pty Ltd will initiate and support community investment. We will provide support to non-profit organizations or movements to promote improvements in their work environment (by donating office furniture) and practices (by donating cash). We commit to utilising the services of Indigenous suppliers wherever possible.


Our company is committed to the United Nations Global Compact. We’ll readily act to promote our identity as a socially aware and responsible business. As per our usual practice this policy will be shared and reviewed by all staff at least annually in an effort to keep it fluid and relevant.


United Nations – Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact

Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
Workable Resources
Australian Federal Government – Home Affairs
Collaboration with the Ikcon Pty Ltd Team


Policy Developed:                  March 2021
Next Review:                          March 2022