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Buy High-Quality Executive Chairs in Brisbane

Are you in the market for an executive chair, but don’t know which one to choose? Executive chairs as the name implies have a minimum level of class that’s suitable for an executive office. You’ll love the attention to detail and long-lasting durability.
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Here at Ikcon well sell a huge range of executive chairs that allow you to add value to your office space. However, we understand that it can be tricky to select the correct furniture so we have prepared this page to give you helpful information. Read on for executive chair buying tips that will provide the advice you need to make the correct buying choice.

Contact Customer Service

Want immediate help choosing an executive chair? Then call the customer service team on (07) 3821 1662 to speak with a qualified professional. We regularly deal with some of the biggest companies in Brisbane, so you can trust our unbiased advice to buy the right office furniture pieces.

You can also send us an email at enquiries@ikcon.com.au. We usually respond quickly during business hours with detailed answers. We answer all emails as soon as possible, so please be patient during busy periods.

5 Helpful Tips for Buying Right Executive Chair

Step 1: Ergonomics

Choose an ergonomic executive chair that’s packed with injury preventing features. Here are the top ergonomic features to consider:

  • Mechanism: the more adjustability the better when it comes to any office chair. Ideally you will be able to adjust the seat height, seat tilt and back tilt independently, so that you can adjust the chair specifically to suit your body type.
  • Seat foam: good quality seat foams will help support and take the pressure off the base of your spine, and help to prevent aches and pains. The seat foam is one of the most important parts of an office chair, but regularly overlooked.
  • Lumbar support: long work hours throughout the week contribute to lower back pain if you don’t have proper support. You’ll need an executive chair with lumbar support to help avoid back pain and aches and pains.

Step 2: Style

Pick out a chair that compliments your office space. For example, if you have a black and white office, then choosing a black leather design makes sense. However, if you have a colourful theme, then something that stands out visually is a better choice.

Here at Ikcon we sell a range of fabric and mesh colours for you to choose from. It means you can get the style that’s the perfect match for your preferences. Choosing a good style presents the right impression to clients and employees when they walk into your office.

Step 3: Height-adjustable 

It’s important to get a height that is the right match for your body and the office desk or table you’re working on. Executive chairs can have a single height design or a range of heights that you can alternate between. In the case of the single height it’s essential to read the documents to understand the restrictions.

Step 4: Breathable material and padding

Breathable fabric allows your Brisbane executive chair to ventilate perspiration. It allows for heavy dissipation, which reduces the heat buildup on the chair. That’s important for the hot summer months when the temperatures can get high.

Lots of foam padding helps you sit comfortably for hours. Soft padding feels nice when you initially sit on the chair, but often loses it’s volume quickly, and then offers little support and comfort. You may get used to the soft foam, but our advice is to choose a firmer foam that offers more support for longer period.
Office desk chairs Brisbane with long warranties will have firm foam seats, or moulded seat foams.

Step 5: Get a good price

Executive chairs can be vary greatly in price. In our online store you’ll find leather executive chairs that are competitively priced. We believe in rewarding our customers with high quality executive chairs at great prices, and that’s what you’ll find at Ikcon Office Fitout and Furniture. We also run regular discounts and promotions that you can use to get a great deal. Check back regularly to find out what new promotions we have for you to take advantage of.

Frequent Questions Customers Ask

Question: What luxury executive chairs do you sell?

Answer: you can buy the Luxe leather high back executive chair or the Bonita high back executive chair. They are both models that have a premium look and feel amazing when sitting on them. You’ll love the softness of the leather and the durability and warranties are excellent.

Question: Do you sell AFRDI executive chairs?

Answer: AFRDI chairs are the smart choice if you want an ergonomic standard that exceeds most other chairs. It’s a guarantee that the chair is manufactured with quality approved components, and ergonomic design which you’ll love to use on a daily basis. You’ll see the AFDRI chairs in our website by spotting the ‘Blue Tick’ logos. Get in touch with our customer service department and we will share the AFDRI executive chairs in our inventory.

Question: Are your leather chairs durable?

Answer: The leather material we use for our chairs is of industry leading quality. It’s tested and approved for longevity, even in the busiest commercial offices. It’s also a comfortable type of leather that you can sit on daily without feeling uncomfortable.   

Question: Should I buy a medium or high executive chair?

Answer:  The main difference between medium and high office chairs is the size of the backrest. The high backrest is a good choice if you like the high back look. On the other hand, the medium back provides slightly less shoulder support, but is definitely a more popular option these days.

Question: What executive chair or Office Chair colors do you sell in Brisbane?

Answer: The majority of our office chairs in Brisbane are black, but you can also find models with other fabric, leather and mesh colours.  Please browse through our web site pages and you’ll notice a large range of colours that caters to all office interior designs and decors. Choose one that’s a good match for your style.
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I have been really impressed with the way that you have looked after us, and the effective and timely running of this office renovation project. From the beginning you were one of the few companies to get back to me, and ever since you have personally given useful and excellent advice on the project, and always followed up quickly with quotes. The work has been of a high standard and it is a much more pleasant office to work in. I have been really impressed with your good old fashioned, reliable customer service, which is so hard to find these days. I am very happy to recommend your services to anyone in the market for an office renovation.
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