Project Description

A drastic change was needed for Head Space, and Ikcon was ready to be at the helm for this. Many rooms were created, allowing for the business to have private consulting areas and for employees to have their space while they work. Valued at $121,000, this project shows that Ikcon understood the customer’s needs and delivered them creatively and logically. The work done here goes beyond the aesthetics; although they’re great, Ikcon changed everything from the air to the plumbing. It’s a much-welcomed change for a company that’s happy to think creatively about how they do work.

To complete this office remodel, a lot of changes had to be made. Plasterboard partitioning had to be put up to create the new walls. Within them, mechanical air condoning, plumbing, and electrical systems were designed. Custom joinery and cabinets were built, including those by the recent reception area which also received more office furniture! Building approvals and occupancy certification were needed because of the building’s work, and Ikcon worked to prove themselves. Ikcon then completed custom painting work as well to give off a strictly unique look. From suspended ceilings to a lunch and break room, the entire office was made with both the employees and their clients’ in mind.