Project Description

140 Bellina Workstations
140 Turn Dual Ergonomic Monitor Arms
160 Lucca Ergonomic Office Chairs
Project Value: $196,000

Although this project may be suitable to the point, nothing can ever be simple when you’re dealing with seating for 160 people. This project for an Insurance company is set up to allow employees to enjoy their desks while receiving and making as many calls as necessary. A heavy push for connectivity in office furniture shows here since these cubicle-styled spaces allow an employee to decide on work conversation, or quiet work, depending on where they put their heart. Ringing in at $196,000 in value, these work spaces are ready for anything and are prepared to look good while doing it.

Like with any office project with many employees, this project has a lot of preparation, building, and installation ahead of it. The company wanted to increase space to cater to their current employees and leave enough open space so that they could take on a more extensive staff. This required Ikcon to supply and install 140 Bellina Workstations to ensure their employees have everything their employees need. One hundred forty turn-style ergonomic monitor arms to free up as much desk space as possible. Ergonomic office chairs seal the deal, ensuring employees will be as comfortable as possible, and never want to leave their seats.