If your company needs a fresh look or is trying to move offices, nothing is as good for business as an office fitout.  

1. Consider Your Company’s Personality

This may seem like a strange sentence to consider, but it’s a good starting point to figure out the aesthetics you’ll want for your office.  The personality will decide what type of colours will be used for the walls, what kind of furniture will be purchased, and the office layout.

Commercial Office Fitouts in Brisbane

A great example of this would be a youthful tech company having more fashion-forward and sharp-angled furniture or a company that focuses on hotel or housing industries having more comfort-forward design.  There’s no wrong choice, every company is different, and its needs will reflect that.  

2. Think About What Items It Needs

In the physical construction of your building, what flaws need to be corrected? For example, does the electrics need updating? Could the plumbing be updated to work for how many people are in the office?

Although many think of a fitout for what it can do visually, it’s also good to consider what it can do physically for the building itself. For example, if leaky windows or the ceiling tiles are stained: it’s time for a redo.  Make a list of everything the building needs, and ensure that you address these when getting a commercial office fitout consultation.

3. Consider What Your Employees Would Want

The best office fitout Brisbane has to offer isn’t just going to focus on your plumbing and lighting: your employees will want some changes to make their days easier.  This means an update to allow for clearer walkways, furniture that’s more comfortable and functional, or even updates to the storage they keep their items in.

Commercial Office Fitouts

Talk to your employees about their concerns from the reception room back to their offices, and figure out what’s most important to them.  Although you don’t have to follow through with every one of their ideas, you should attempt to create a space that covers the issues that are most frequently mentioned.

4. Plan Your Budget Carefully

A poorly planned budget can make or break a company.  Talk to a commercial Office fitout company or two, and get a quote on what they need to create a space you’ll want to work in.  If they seem too high, it’s a good idea to either up your budget or try to find what parts of your fitout plan you can do without.  

Whatever price they quote you at is what they’ll need to create the space.  Although some may offer discounts throughout the year, they often get quickly snatched up and fill their schedules. So instead, please plan budget for office fitouts & everything you want to be done, and contact them early.

5. Communicate With All Employees

This is the most important thing you can do when making large changes like a fitout.  The clearer you are with your employees, the more faith they’ll have in the process, and the harder and more easily they’ll work. But, on the other hand, if you put off communicating with them or expect them to figure it out along the way, you can cause chaos in the office.

Let them know as soon as you can that there will be some office changes, and then keep them in the loop about when it will happen and your plan for work during that time.  The more organized you are about it, the more faith they’ll have in the process, and the more enthusiastic they’ll be when it’s completed.

Make it clear that these changes benefit both them and the company and that any cooperation they can offer will make it easier on everyone. Then, if possible, when the fitout is over, consider throwing a small office party to celebrate that the hard wait is over and better things are on the horizon.

6. Decide If, How, and Where Work Will Commence

Although you may wish that everything could be completed in two hours, it will take longer for work to be completed.  Depending on how much you want to be done and how much work your business needs, a good fitout can take a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

If you need access to your office quickly, consider minimizing what work you’re getting done, or consider requesting a company that can do work on some weekends.  Many great companies will also work with you to try and find a way for the fitout to be completed.

Some companies rent out a second business space while their offices are being set up; if that’s what you want to do, it’s a good idea to work it into your budget as well.  This may be a disruptive way to handle things, but if your building needs a lot done, and you know it would distract employees throughout the day, it might be your best option.

7. Pick A Company You Can Trust

The most important thing you can do is choose a fitout company that you can trust with your company.  A business with a good selection, from self-adhesive noise acoustic tiles to lighting work, while still working with a budget you can afford and a timeline you’ll be able to handle.

Commercial Office Fitouts Brisbane

Read reviews to help guide yourself toward a winner, and avoid picking a company that can’t offer everything you need. Although a commercial office fitout is an expensive and large project, you must work with a business you can trust to do well for your company.

8. A Good Fitout Can Reinvent Your Company

If your business needs a makeover or the building it’s moving into is less than ideal, there’s nothing wrong with getting a fantastic fitout.  The right company can do a tremendous job updating everything from your decor to your electrical setup without having to cause your company too much of a delay or displacement.

With careful planning, communication with your employees, and a budget that makes the work possible, you can have a commercial office fitout that will make you and your employees proud to call these offices your workspace.