Employees are the only thing more important than the office furniture you choose. However, the way you furnish your workspace can change how others perceive your business and how productive your workers feel during their working day.

One of the most important piece of furniture is their desks.

These are the surfaces where they spend most of their entire working day trying to complete as much work as possible. These stations can be where people spend years doing incredible work for the company: which is why these must be chosen carefully. These five modern office desks are the best ones any company could choose. Comfortable to work at while still being stylish: you won’t find a better desk anywhere else.

1. Martina Corner Desk

Affordability: this desk is very affordable for a corner desk.

Best Perks: extended workspace while also allowing typing at the rounded corner.

Corner desks are the most popular piece of office furniture for many companies. Employees love the extended workspace, and employers love that these can easily be made into personal work areas like cubicles.

Martina Corner Desk

Martina Corner Workstation with Angled Keyboard Area

The Martina corner desk sets itself apart with its attention to detail. The beautiful walnut and white surfaces are easy on the eye and modern yet won’t distract employees from their jobs. In addition, this L-shaped desk has a curve where the three pieces meet, which means employees can use this as the place where the type, instead of having to pick one side or the other.

This desk is easily assembled, allowing it to quickly be put to use instead of extensive work to put it together. It’s gorgeous to look at and a fantastic option for an office that values an employee’s workspace.

2. Move Height Adjustable Desk

Affordability: extremely affordable for its mobility.

Best Perks: this desk lifts vertically instead of slinging forward towards the user.

Standing desks go in and out of style as health and fitness become prevalent topics, but that doesn’t mean these desks ever stop being useful. On the contrary, a standing desk is fantastic for a million reasons, ranging from helping employees wake up in the morning to keeping us in motion so that our minds can stay sharper.

Rize Height Adjustable Desk Top Stand White

Rize Desk Top Height Adjustable Stand

Fortunately, though, the Move height adjustable desk can convert back down to a seated desk whenever you want it to be. The duality ensures that it can fill whatever role you want it to, allowing employees to work their way. This desk even has a lip in it to allow for mobile devices and tablets to be stood in it while you’re working so that you don’t have to stop to look at updates.

3. Lift Electric Push Sit-Stand Desk

Affordability: prices by application, and there are discounts for larger orders!

Best Perks: how effortless it is to convert this desk.

Like the Move desk, the Lift desk can convert between a Sit Stand Desk and a standing desk. This desk has an extra perk, though! The Lift desk electrically raises and lowers, ensuring that the employee isn’t responsible for trying to lift a desk that has expensive computers or devices on it.

Elev8 Personal Mobile Sit Stand Desk

Elev8 Personal Mobile Sit Stand Desk

The sensors on the lift ensure that it doesn’t collide with or break anything while the motor moves the desk in a smooth motion up and down. This is fantastic for anyone with mobility issues or someone who doesn’t want to lift their desk and down every time they want a change. The desk surface and motor can handle up to 120 kg of weight, ensuring this desk is up to any challenge.

4. Effect Loop Leg Desk

Affordability: prices by application, and there are discounts for larger orders!

Best Perks: the sleek and beautiful design.

If your office needs modern desks that don’t take up too much of a footprint, the Effect loop leg desk is an incredible choice. With metal square-looped legs, these desks will dazzle employees and clients alike while also offering ample workspace for employees to complete their jobs.

Effect Loop Leg Desk

Effect Loop Leg Desk System

This desk is customizable, offering anything from additional modesty panels under desks to dividers that can be put up between desks to allow employees to focus. The desk has a scalloped edge to enable the wires to pass smoothly across it or has a hole bored into a corner that’s large enough to allow for cords and wires to pass through for an uncluttered appearance. If your drive is to have the most streamlined and beautiful desk possible for your employees: this is the one for you.

5. Modena Electric Leg Desk

Affordability: economical – ranges in price, which is a good deal for what it can do.

Best Perks: how quiet and quickly it lifts the desk to the wanted height.

Another standing and sitting desk, the Modena, doesn’t disappoint. This desk takes the customizability of the Effect desk and mixes it with the ease and perks of the Lift desk. Your options start at the base, where you can choose between a silver finish, a black finish, and a white finish. The work surface can also be whatever you like, with a range of different options to ensure a custom look.

Modena Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Modena Electric Height Adjustable Desk

This electric desk was made with employees in mind, allowing for a custom height choice and offering a quick-stop button. In addition, this desk has cable management in mind and allows for easy access to cords to ensure that they don’t get pulled or dragged with every single move.

The Modena electric leg desk is one of the best pieces of office furniture you’ll find because of its easy use and how much it can do. You can make selections to allow them to suit any office, and you’ll want them everywhere.

The Desks They Sit at Can Change an Employee’s Day

If an employee is uncomfortable, or the desk they’re at is severely distracting because it creaks or was poorly made: it will affect how good their work is. It’s a far better idea to invest in a product that will encourage them to work while keeping them comfortable. Any of the above five desks could be the perfect fit for your employees.